Maintaining My On-Site Sewage Facility (OSSF) Adjacent to Lake Conroe

All OSSF permits issued by SJRA must comply with SJRA’s approved Order as follows:

Effective June 1, 2016, the inspection and maintenance of all OSSFs identified as Aerobic Treatment Units must be performed by a maintenance provider, licensed by the TCEQ, under a written contract between the property owner served by the OSSF and such TCEQ-licensed maintenance provider, with one exception.  If the OSSF serves a single family dwelling that is the primary residence of the property owner, the property owner may conduct the maintenance, provided.

  1. The property owner is a maintenance provider licensed by the TCEQ;
  2. The property owner holds a valid Class D or higher wastewater treatment license;
  3. The property owner has satisfactorily completed a TCEQ-approved Basic Maintenance Provider Course; or
  4. The property owner has satisfactorily completed the OSSF – Aerobic/Surface Application System Operation and Maintenance Course entitled – General Guidance for Monitoring Aerobic Treatment Units, Disinfection Units, and Spray Fields in Texas (B-6235) offered by the Agrilife Extension, Texas A&M System.

IMPORTANT: You must have some form of Adobe (ie: Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Reader) to electronically fill out and submit the form. If you do not have an Adobe product on your computer and do not wish to download the program, you may print out the form and complete it in written form.

Contract for Maintenance by Homeowner

Homeowner Reporting and Testing Record

Right click the form, save to your computers, then open the form in Adobe in order to fill it out and submit.

Please visit the Customer Portal to submit your maintenance contract and inspection report.