Information Regarding Residential Structures on Lake Conroe

The right to engage in construction, placement, operations and maintenance of Private Structures on the Lake Conroe Reservoir or SJRA Land is not an inherent right that comes with the control or ownership of waterfront property.  No person shall construct, operate or maintain a Private Structure on Lake Conroe at any time without a proper permit or license.  An annual fee is assessed by SJRA for each structure based on the size and location of the structure.  The permit or license can be revoked at any time and for any reason deemed necessary.  SJRA is under no obligation to maintain a specific level of the Reservoir in order to facilitate the construction or use of a Private Structure.

Licensing Construction of my Residential Structure on Lake Conroe

In order to license your private residential structure on Lake Conroe, you will need to submit the following documentation:

Complete the License Agreement-Residential (fillable form can be found at the bottom of the page).  This document must be executed by the homeowner. Signatures by Contractors and Builders will not be accepted.

Complete a set of plans for the structure (Measure My Structure).

  1. Plan must be drawn to scale.
  2. Accurate measurements must be provided.
  3. Location of the structure on the property must be shown.  This includes measurements of the distance from the adjacent properties.
  4. You must receive approval from the Homeowner Association (HOA)/Property Owner Association (POA) or Architectural Control Committee (ACC) if your subdivision requires it (a list of subdivision requiring approval can be obtained by contacting our Operations Department).

Upon submittal of the above documentation, the Authority will approve the structure or advise the owner of why approval was denied.  You will be contacted by the Operations Department with the decision.  Should the structure be approved, you will be required to pay the prescribed fee if any for the structure.  Upon receipt of the payment, a construction permit will be issued to you and your construction contractor.  No construction may begin without a permit, and you must display your construction permit at all times during construction.  Should you fail to display the construction permit, your project will be subject to shut down until you can provide proof of the construction permit.

To apply for a residential structure license, please visit our Customer Portal.