License My Residential Structure

Pursuant to Section IV, Letter A of the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) Rules and Regulations:

No person shall construct, operate or maintain any pier, wharf, floating boathouse, dock, barge, building or other facility of any kind or character on or over the Reservoir or any lands owned or controlled by the Authority unless the Authority has granted a permit authorizing such construction, operation and maintenance. An application for such permit shall be submitted to the Authority on forms provided by the Authority. A legible copy of the construction permit (license) shall be posted at the job site and be visible from the water until construction is complete and has been inspected and tagged by SJRA staff. It is the responsibility of the licensee to see that the construction permit is protected from the elements and remains posted and legible. Identification furnished by the Authority must be posted and maintained on all permitted facilities.


Instruction to submit an application for the construction, placement, operation and maintenance of piers, wharfs, floating boathouses, docks, barges, buildings, or other facilities on the reservoir as described in section IV of SJRA’s Rules and Regulation for Lake Conroe.

Please submit the following documents to the SJRA permitting office prior to beginning construction on your structure:

  1. Applicant must complete the application as thoroughly as possible (Residential Application MUST be filled out as the owner of the property)
  2. A set of plans (drawn to scale) and specifications of the structures location and measurements (please see the Drawing Examples  page)
  3. HOA/POA/ACC approval if required by the homeowner’s subdivision and SJRA

If application and plans are in order, and all other requirements have been met, an approval letter and invoice will be forwarded to the homeowner. Upon receipt of the prescribed fee, a construction permit will be issued to the homeowner to begin construction of their structure. The construction permit must be dis- played at all times during construction.
* No new construction or alterations to facilities may be made without authorization from SJRA

For a printable version of the How Do I License My Residential Structure instructions above, click here.

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