Licensing My Commercial Business

Information Regarding Commercial Businesses on Lake Conroe

The right to engage in construction, placement, operations and maintenance of commercial businesses on the Lake Conroe Reservoir or SJRA Land is not an inherent right.  No person shall construct, operate or maintain a commercial business on Lake Conroe at any time without a proper permit or license.  An annual fee will be assessed by SJRA for each business and structure based on type of business or the size and location of the requested facilities.  The permit or license can be revoked at any time and for any reason deemed necessary.  SJRA is under no obligation to maintain a specific level of the Reservoir in order to facilitate the construction or operations of a commercial business.

Licensing my Commercial Business on Lake Conroe

In order to license your commercial business on Lake Conroe, you will need to submit the following documentation:

  1. Complete the Commercial Application for Businesses (contact our Operations Department for the Commercial Application).  The document must be completed and signed by the business owner.
  2. A General Liability Certificate of Insurance (contact our Operations Department for additional information on this requirement).
  3. A list of all Texas Parks and Wildlife “TX numbers” for vessels if applicable.
  4. A set if plans for the structure of facilities proposed which are drawn to scale with accurate measurements and the location on the property with measurements from each property line.

Upon submittal of the above documentation, the Operations Manager will review and determine whether to approve the business and/or structures for a permit.  Should the business and/or structures be approved, you will be required to pay the prescribed fee for the business and/or structures.  Upon receipt of the payment, a construction permit will be issued and your contractor can begin construction.  Please display your construction permit at all times during construction.  Should you fail to display the construction permit, your project can be shut down until you can provide proof of the construction permit.

*This is an annual fee and/or a quarterly fee for all commercial businesses.


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