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Completed in January of 1973, Lake Conroe was originally constructed by the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) as a water supply reservoir through a joint venture with the City of Houston.  Like most of the reservoirs in Texas, Lake Conroe was planned and constructed shortly after the record seven-year drought of the 1950's as part of a reservoir-building boom intended by state water planners to prevent a repeat of the water shortages experienced during that era.  SJRA began construction of Lake Conroe in 1968 pursuant to a 1/3-2/3 partnership with the City of Houston. 
Located at the Lake Conroe Dam, seven miles west of the City of Conroe, the Lake Conroe Division's primary function is the operation and maintenance of the dam, spillway structure, and service outlet at Lake Conroe.  In addition, this Division handles inspection and enforcement functions related to water quality, including permitting and monitoring of on-site sewage systems around Lake Conroe.  To maintain the safety of Lake Conroe for navigation and recreation, and to manage the construction of permanent structures on the lake, the Lake Conroe Division also administers boating safety and navigation hazard marking, removal, and enforcement programs, as well as permit programs for residential docks, piers, marinas, commercial operations, and marine sanitation facilities.




SJRA Lake Conroe Division - 1561 Dam Site Road - Conroe, Texas 77304 - 936-588-1111
Postal address - P.O. Box 329 - Conroe, Texas 77305

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Divisions Lake Conroe GRP Woodlands Highlands General & Administrative / Home