From time to time the SJRA disposes of surplus or salvaged property. We have established procedures to ensure the maximum return on our investment.

SJRA’s Current Surplus Available: Lone Star Auctioneers Live and Online Auctions

Direct Sale to Public

If no SJRA Department or other governmental entity acquires the surplus property within ten (10) business days after such property is made available to governmental entities, the Purchasing Department may dispose of the property by sale directly to the public. This may be accomplished by (but not limited to) public auction, internet auction (e.g.  or competitive bids.

Transfer to Other Governmental Entities

If no SJRA Department requests the transfer of SJRA surplus property within five (5) business days after such property is made available to SJRA Departments, such property may be transferred to another governmental entity. The Purchasing Department shall establish a fair market value that the government entity will be required to pay prior to the transfer. The Purchasing Department will coordinate the transfer to another governmental entity on a first come – first serve basis.

Governmental Entity On-line Viewing &/or Response Procedure

All governmental entities interested in any on-line surplus displayed by City must respond via e-mail to to determine official date/time of “first come – first serve basis” (reference Par. 2). Additional correspondence for clarification/info and establishment of a fair market value for the surplus item(s) should be directed to:

San Jacinto River Authority
Purchasing Department
Megan Morris