The Buyer-Seller relationship is one of mutual confidence and satisfaction between SJRA and the Supplier. To meet the needs of this covenant we have established the following duties and responsibilities for each.


The responsibility of SJRA’s Purchasing Department is to aid and assist each department within SJRA and their staff to procure necessary goods and services at the best possible price within all Federal, State, and SJRA purchasing laws. Specific responsibilities include:

Assist in the selection of responsible vendors.

  • Assist in obtaining pricing information.
  • Determine that the purchase price is reasonable and that requirements for competition and performance have been met.
  • Assist the individual departments within all divisions to develop quality and quantity specifications for goods and services to be purchased along with required delivery schedules.
  • Encourage competition between vendors through negotiations, competitive bidding, and quantity buying.
  • Utilize annual supply agreements whenever possible in order to maximize the advantages and economies of quantity buying.
  • Continuously monitor requisitions by all departments to facilitate consolidation of purchases where possible.
  • Ensure that SJRA has the ability to take advantage of quantity and pricing discounts whenever they are available.
  • Explore the use of cooperative purchasing programs with the State of Texas and other Local Government units.
  • Control the cost of purchasing for SJRA.


SJRA maintains no preferential bidders list. For certain products, however, we may establish certain qualifications some of which may include a vendor’s reputation, safety record, and experience. SJRA endeavors at all times to maintain good will between SJRA and its Suppliers. Toward this end, we ask that you strive to:

  • Call ahead for appointments whenever possible.
  • Make sure we have current catalogs and pricing, or access to your web site with this information. It is mutually beneficial for us to be kept up to date on new ideas or products.
  • Refrain from “social calls”. Your time is valuable.
  • Recognize our limitations regarding authority. A purchase order is issued only after compliance with Federal, State, and SJRA laws.
  • Direct all solicitations to the Purchasing Department prior to visiting a specific SJRA department. This will ensure that you will be directed to the appropriate person within the department as needed.
  • Conduct your business openly and frankly. As a public agency, our records are a matter of public record.
  • Honor all pricing, delivery, and service agreements as quoted.
  • Call us with any questions or suggestions. You are a valued supplier.
  • Maintain SJRA policy regarding gifts or favors. No SJRA employee may accept any gifts or favors. The best favor you can do is to see SJRA receives the best price, quality, and service.