Effective January 1, 2006, Chapter 176 of the Texas Local Government Code (House Bill 914) requires that any vendor or person considering doing business with a local government entity disclose the vendor or person’s affiliation or business relationship that might cause a conflict of interest with a local government entity. The Conflict of Interest Questionnaire form is available from the Texas Ethics Commission at https://www.ethics.state.tx.us/data/forms/conflict/CIQ.pdf. Any completed Conflict of Interest Questionnaires shall be submitted to the Authority.


Contracting hereunder may require compliance with §2252.908 Texas Government Code/Disclosure of Interested Parties for contracts that (1) require an action or vote by the Board of Directors before the contract may be signed; or (2) has a value of at least $1 million.  The law provides that a governmental entity may not enter into certain contracts with a business entity unless the business entity submits a disclosure of interested parties to the governmental entity at the time the business entity submits the signed contract to the governmental entity or state agency.

The process as implemented by the Texas Ethics Commission (“TEC”) is as follows:

    • The disclosure of interested parties must be performed using the Texas Ethics Commission’s electronic filing application found at www.ethics.state.tx.us/filinginfo/1295/ listing each interested party of which the business entity is aware on Form 1295, obtaining a certification of filing number for this form from the TEC, and printing a copy of it to submit to the Authority.
    • The copy of Form 1295 submitted to the Authority must contain the unique certification number from the TEC. The form must be filed with the Authority pursuant to §2252.908 Texas Government Code, “at the time the business entity submits the signed contract” to the Authority.

The Authority, in turn, will submit a copy of the disclosure form to the TEC not later than the 30th day after the date the Authority receives the disclosure of interested parties from the business entity.

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