Pursuant to Chapter 176 of the Local Government Code, any person or agent of a person who contracts or seeks to contract for the sale or purchase of property, goods, or services with a local government entity (i.e., San Jacinto River Authority) must disclose in the Questionnaire Form CIQ (“Questionnaire”) the person’s affiliation or business relationship that might cause a conflict of interest with the local government entity. By law, the Questionnaire must be filed with the San Jacinto River Authority’s Records Manager no later than seven days after the date the person begins contract discussions or negotiations with the San Jacinto River Authority, or submits an application or response to a request for proposal or bids, correspondence, or another writing related to a potential agreement with the San Jacinto River Authority. Updated Questionnaires must be filed in conformance with Chapter 176.

You may download the form by clicking here

Mail the completed CIQ to:

San Jacinto River Authority
Records Manager
PO Box 329
Conroe, TX 77305

If you have any questions about compliance, please consult your own legal counsel. Compliance is the individual responsibility of each person or agent of a person who is subject to the filing requirement. An offense under Chapter 176 is a Class C misdemeanor.


If you are a vendor wishing to do business with the San Jacinto River Authority, please visit our Purchasing Department’s page by clicking here.

COI_A and M Vending_091918


COI_AAA Asphalt Paving_101512

COI_Aaron Opp_Chemrite Inx_011415



COI_Adams Transfer and Storage_080718

COI_ADS LLC_082412

COI_Advanced Diving and Salvage Corp_071123

COI_AdvantaClean of Houston West_010919


COI_AEI Engineering_102011

COI_Air Conditioning Innovative Solutions Inc_021224

COI_Alan Plummer Associates Inc_091819

COI_Alcott Inc dba TCH_091521

COI_All Crane Overhead Lifting Equipment Parts and Service_031820

COI_Allstate Tower_042318

COI_Alsay Incorporated_042723

COI_Amani Engineering Inc_Dayton L Spain Jr_032514

COI_Amegy Bank_072221

COI_AmeriMex Motor and Controls_032119

COI_Andrews Myers PC_112718

COI_Angel Brothers Construction_020712

COI_Ann Melcer Janitorial Service_101118

COI_Apex Geoscience_053112

COI_Applied Technical Services_090823

COI_APSI Construction Management_112211

COI_Arbitrage Complicance Services_090919

COI_Arcadis US Inc_081120

COI_Archer Western Construction LLC_080613

COI_Ardurra Group Inc_091223

COI_ARKK Engineers LLC_081823

COI_Ascend Consulting and Engineering PLLC_011224

COI_Aviles Engineering Corporation_011224

COI_Azimuth Group_020218

COI_Baird Gilroy and Dixon LLC_100623

COI_Baxter and Woodman Inc_092023

COI_Bella Vita Homeowners Association_090622

COI_Benthaven Island Owners Association Inc_083022

COI_Binkley and Barfield_102011

COI_Bio-Aquatics Testing Inc_092718

COI_Bio West_031214

COI_Black & Veatch Corp_071723

COI_Black Castle General Contractor_080917


COI_Boot Barn_080118

COI_Boyer Inc_070721

COI_Brenntag Southwest Inc_072820

COI_BRH Garver Construction LP_081115

COI_BRH Garver Construction_082013

COI_Brigade Fire Solutions LLC_120420

COI_Brown and Caldwell_040621

COI_BRW Architecture_022714

COI_Bryan Swanson_031915

COI_Butchs Bulkheading Inc_081621

COI_C&L Aqua Professionals Inc_082720

COI_C3 Constructors_062520

COI_CA Short Company_033123

COI_Calgon Carbon Corporation_050622

COI_Carollo Engineers Inc_013024

COI_Carus Corporation_072820

COI_CDM Smith_092314

COI_CF McDonald Electric Inc_072519

COI_CFG Industries_021319

COI_CFI Services Inc_112019

COI_Chad Patterson and Associates_092418

COI_Chemtrade Chemicals US LLC_011215

COI_Chlor-Serv Inc_040620

COI_Choate Concrete LLC_090418

COI_CivicPlus Inc_062718

COI_Civitas Engineering Group Inc_062723

COI_Classic Protective Coatings Inc_080520

COI_Cobb Fendley and Associates Inc_082223

COI_Concentric Integration LLC_013024

COI_Commercial Chemical Products Inc_031122

COI_Corestone Construction Svcs_111519

COI_Costello Inc_081123

COI_Country Land Services LLC_050722

COI_Crowe LLP_082522

COI_Crown Paper and Chemical Inc_021319

COI_CSA Construction Inc_071813

COI_Cummins Southern Plains LLC_041619

COI_Dannenbaum Engineering Corporation_032114

COI_Desk 138_071819

COI_DN Tanks Inc_070213

COI_Dragos Inc_121120

COI_Dunham Engineering Inc_102119

COI_DVL Enterprises LLC_051619

COI_DXI Industries Inc_022822

COI_E. C. Marshall_050520

COI_Eastex Environmental Laboratory Inc_060822

COI_Eco Solutions LLC_080218

COI_Economic Construction_121411

COI_Elliott Electric Supply_011619

COI_Empire Inc_090618

COI_EP Brady_102215

COI_Espey Consultants Inc dba RPS_032014

COI_F and L Coatings and Concrete LLC_021419

COI_The Fierro Group LTD dba Fencemasters of Houston_061219

COI_First Financial Bank_053122

COI_Forrest Kenneth_121119

COI_Fort Bend Services Inc_031919

COI_The Fishel Company_031815

COI_Freese and Nichols Inc_091323

COI_Fugro USA Land Inc_011520

COI_GAM Construction_032119

COI_G & G Marine LLC_060420


COI_Garrison Minerals LLC_033022

COI_Garver LLC_101420

COI_Gauge Engineering_071123

COI_GEO Specialty Chemicals Inc_011315

COI_Geoscience Engineering & Testing Inc_070623


COI_Geotest Engineering Inf_012224

COI_Glass House Strategy_061220

COI_Gorman Uniform Services_041919

COI_Gorrondona & Associates Inc_061423

COI_Gratia Geomatics LLC_061323

COI_Halff Associates Inc_080823

COI_Hazen and Sawyer PC_101311

COI_HDR Engineering Inc_032724

COI_Heat Transfer Solution_013119

COI_Hillco Partners_121318

COI_Hollaway Environmental + Communication Services Inc_081723

COI_Houston Hurricane and Security_050919

COI_HR Green Inc_101211

COI_Huff and Mitchell_102314

COI_Huitt Zollars Inc_100411

COI_Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP_062518

COI_Hurtado Construction_021213

COI_Husch Blackwell LLP_100523

COI_Hyas Group LLC_030821

COI_Hydro Clear Services LLC_072623

COI_IDS Engineering Group_061814

COI_Impact Fire Services_060118

COI_Industrial TX Corp_050323

COI_Insituform Technologies Inc_120711

COI_INTERA Incorporated_081523

COI_Ion Wave Technologies Inc_081120

COI_IPR South Central_062517

COI_iSani Consultants_102011

COI_Jamail and Smith Construction LP_092021

COI_JBRI Construction Services LLC_102623

COI_Jerdon Enterprise LP_081623

COI_Jersons Concrete LLC_061019

COI_Johnson Mirmiran and Thompson Inc_032624

COI_Johnston LLC_061422


COI_Jones and Carter Inc_112921

COI_JTB Services Inc_010720

COI_JTR Constructors Inc_022813

COI_K Friese and Associates LLC_122223

COI_Kalluri Group Inc_101222

COI_Karonka Construction_120315

COI_KBR Services Inc_112111

COI_KCI Technologies Inc_120523

COI_Kean Construction LLC_032823

COI_Kimley Horn and Associates Inc_011821

COI_KIT Professionals Inc_122922

COI_Klotz Associates Inc_102011

COI_Knox Cox & Co_060118

COI_L Squared Engineering LLC_121918

COI_Landtech Inc_061323

COI_Langford Engineering Inc_100511

COI_Layne Inliner LLC_071515

COI_LBG Guyton Associates_061814

COI_LECON Inc_102023

COI_LEM Construction Co Inc_071515

COI_Lessman Roofing and Sheetmetal LLC_122820

COI_Lewis Towing and Salvage_010619


COI_Lindsey Construction_032812


COI_Lloyd Gosselink_062419

COI_Lockwood Andrews and Newnam Inc_091323

COI_Lonestar Plumbing_092518

COI_M and Rs Elite Janitorial Solutions_111820

COI_Magna Flow Environmental_082222

COI_Maguire Iron_081616

COI_Maldonado Nursery and Landscaping Inc_070220

COI_Mallard Underground Utilites_081523

COI_Mammoth Marketing Group_110918

COI_MBCM Management Inc_010824

COI_McDonald Municipal and Industrial_111915

COI_MDN Enterprises_062018

COI_Meltwater News US Inc_032519

COI_MK Painting Inc_102914

COI_ML Harrell Construction LLC_071018

COI_ML Roofing LLC_052819

COI_Montgomery Marine Towing and Salvage_TBUS_030124


COI_National Works Inc_042922

COI_NG Painting, LP_092019

COI_Ninyo and Moore Geotechnial and Environmental Sciences Consultants_012224

COI_No Name_011613

COI_Noble Building and Development LLC_011823

COI_North Water District Lab Services_092619

COI_Nova Medical Centers_091819

COI_Omega Divers LLC_080420

COI_Othon Inc_102011

COI_Panorama Government Solutions_063021

COI_Papa Sams dba Odor Defense_082919

COI_Pape Dawson Consulting Engineers LLC_072023

COI_Paradigm Consultants_052412

COI_Pate Engineers Inc_102011

COI_Peltier Brothers Construction_071813

COI_Pepper Lawson Waterworks_022813

COI_Perkins Engineering Consultants Inc_030320

COI_Pfeiffer and Son LTD_020620

COI_Phelps Dunbar LLP_102023

COI_Phils Auto Service_011720

COI_Pink Cilantro Agency_052721

COI_Pinnacle Pumping Services_011020

COI_Plummer Associates Inc_072423

COI_PM Construction and Rehab_062517

COI_Point Aquarius POA_091522

COI_Polydyne Inc_031224

COI_Postle Property Services Inc_022920

COI_Power Field Services_041719

COI_Preferred Technologies LLC_060619

COI_Preload LLC_100119

COI_Professional Service Industries Inc_052412

COI_Project Surveillance_082118

COI_PAS Property Acquistion Services LLC_100623

COI_Proserv Crane Group_030224

COI_PTP Infrastructure LLC_112211

COI_Pure Remediation_010919

COI_Quiddity Engineering LLC_071822

COI_R&M Service Solutions LLC_042721

COI_Raba Kistner Inc_072623

COI_Raftelis Financial Consultants Inc_030121

COI_Randy Roan Construction_011219

COI_Ratnala and Bahl Inc_101911


COI_Red Zone Robotics_082412

COI_Repipe Construction LLC_120711

COI_Republic Services_110419

COI_Resicom Inc_102814

COI_Reynolds Inliner LLC_120711

COI_Reytec Construction Resources Inc_031119

COI_RJN Group Inc_100411

COI_Robert Reid Consulting Engineer Inc_101711

COI_Robert W Baird and Co_070723

COI_Robinson Stafford and Rude Inc_093011

COI_Rotork Controls Inc_112520

COI_RPS Infrastructure Inc_101618

COI_RT Ellis_072023

COI_Rumney Thomas N_121015

COI_S R Weidema Inc_040913

COI_SAFE Drug Testing_071819

COI_SAK Construction LLC_101519

COI_Salas OBrien LLC_120723

COI_Schnabel Engineering LLC_092723

COI_Separation System Consultants_121418

COI_Signature Automation LLC_011124

COI_SJ Louis_091713

COI_Smith Karen E_080618

COI_Southern Ionics Incorporated_071620

COI_Spherion Staffing and Recruiting_052622


COI_Sprint Waste of Texas_051221

COI_Summit Electric Supply_052219

COI_Superall Environmental LLC_051721

COI_Swagit Productions LLC_081921

COI_Sytek Electric_032019

COI_T & C Construction_051415

COI_TCS AC and Heating Inc_070319

COI_Terracon Consultants Inc_011224

COI_Terra Firma Earth Technologies Ltd_111418

COI_TestAmerica Laboratories Inc_022119

COI_Texas Commercial Diving Inc_061219

COI_Texas Ranch Maintenance LLC_112922

COI_Texas Sterling Construction_092413

COI_Texas Water Engineering PLLC_102022

COI_The Ammerman Experience_020320

COI_The French Quarter on Lake Conroe HOA_091522

COI_The Reynolds Company_053019

COI_The Texas Network LLC_011619

COI_TMI Coatings Inc_102914

COI_Tolunay Wong Engineers Inc_052212

COI_Toms Lawns_033020



COI_Triple J Enterprises LLC_061621

COI_Tru Tex Construction _051315


COI_URS Corporation_061914

COI_US Ecology Houston Inc_100120

COI_V and A Consulting Engineers Inc_082123

COI_Vadnais Trenchless Svcs Inc_091216

COI_Walter P Moore and Associates Inc_081523

COI_Water Utility Services Inc_062420

COI_Weisinger Incorporated_042621

COI_Western States Fire Protection Co_072319

COI_Weston Solutions Inc_100511

COI_Wharton Smith Inc_100820

COI_Whitener Enterprises_082718

COI_Wingo Service Company Inc_031424

COI_Wonderware West_100318

COI_WSP USA Inc_062518

COI_Yellowstone Landscape_030822