Town Center

Village of Alden Bridge

Water Well No. 23 Rehabilitation
May 2021-Fall 2021

Village of Cochran’s Crossing

Wastewater Treatment Facility No. 2 Digester Nos. 1, 2, and 3 Rehabilitation
November 2020-Winter 2021

Village of College Park

Village of Creekside Park

The Village of Creekside Park is not in SJRA’s services area.  For information on the Village of Creekside Park, please visit The Woodlands Township Village Associations page by following this link.

Village of Grogan’s Mill

Wastewater Treatment Facility No. 1 Improvements (Tin Man) Project
February 2021-Winter/Spring 2022

Village of Indian Springs

Lift Station No. 13 Rehabilitation
June 2021-Spring 2022

Village of Panther Creek

Village of Sterling Ridge

Woodlands Village Map