This project is for the rehabilitation of SJRA Woodlands Division Water Well Nos. 5, 11 and 32, which will include replacement of well equipment, including column piping, shaft, oil tubing, air-line, and the pump bowls, as well as downhole rehabilitation work including wire brushing of the well screens, and jetting out and removing fill material from the bottom of the well.

Map_23-0022-A_WW 5, 11 and 32 Rehab

Project Information

Contractor: Alsay Incorporated

Village:  Well No. 5 – Cochran’s Crossing; Well No. 11 – Indian Springs; Well No. 32 – College Park

MUD:  Well No. 5 – MUD 47; Well No. 11 – MUD 60; Well No. 32 – MUD 67

WW 5, 11 and 32

Status & Schedule

Contractor Notice to Proceed: June 2023

Anticipated Project Completion: May 2024

Dates are subject to change.