Situated in the southern part of Montgomery County, the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) Woodlands Division offers wholesale water supply and wastewater treatment services to The Woodlands’ population exceeding 100,000 residents. This is accomplished through the financing, construction, operation, and maintenance of three regional wastewater treatment plants, a wastewater conveyance system equipped with numerous lift stations, five water plants, 38 water wells, several elevated and ground storage tanks, and extensive miles of wastewater collection and potable water distribution lines.

Since its establishment in 1975, the SJRA Woodlands Division has functioned as the primary wholesaler to the 10 municipal utility districts (MUDS), who are managed by Woodlands Water Agency (WWA), responsible for retail services within The Woodlands. The SJRA Woodlands Division is proud to provide an essential service to residents and support the Woodlands culture of “Live, Work, Play, and Pray”.

The Woodlands Division of SJRA delivers water using a combination of groundwater wells tapping into the Evangeline and Jasper aquifers, as well as treated surface water sourced from the SJRA’s Groundwater Reduction Plan Division.

  • Groundwater Wells: Some of these wells have been operational since 1973, reaching depths of up to 1,700 feet below ground level.
  • Treated Surface Water: Surface water sourced from Lake Conroe is pumped into SJRA’s 30 million gallons per day (MGD) Surface Water Treatment Plant. Here, it undergoes a rigorous treatment process before being distributed through a network of 52 miles of water transmission lines. Finally, it is blended with groundwater in existing ground storage tanks before being supplied to consumers.

SJRA – Woodlands water system is comprised of:

  • Six Elevated Storage Tanks (ESTs/ETs): Total five million gallons capacity
  • Nine Ground Storage Tanks (GSTs): Total 19 million gallons capacity
  • Five Groundwater Plants
  • 38 Water Wells
  • 121 miles of water distribution lines (12” and larger diameter) belong to SJRA
  • 309 miles of water distribution lines (under 12” diameter) belong to WWA (Excluding MUD 386)

The Woodlands Division of SJRA additionally owns, operates, and maintains three Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs), all of which are regional facilities catering to the wastewater treatment needs of multiple MUDs in the immediate area. The WWTPs receive raw sewage (influent) from residential dwellings and commercial businesses.

  • WWTP No. 1 is located north of Sawdust Road, has a design capacity of 7.8 MGD.
  • WWTP No. 2 is located on Research Forest, has a design capacity of 6.0 MGD.
  • WWTP No. 3 is located in Harpers Landing and has a permitted flow of 0.900 MGD.

SJRA’s commendable track record of adherence to its Texas Pollution Discharge Elimination System permits for various WWTPs has been rewarded from esteemed bodies such as the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) and the Water Environment Association of Texas. SJRA’s facilities have consistently earned prestigious accolades including annual NACWA Peak Performance awards and WWTP of the Year awards.

The SJRA Woodlands Division owes its award-winning status to the dedicated team of employees who work tirelessly around the clock to ensure the Woodlands community is provided The Best Water in Texas. Many of these team members have dedicated over 30 years of service, striving to deliver safe drinking water and reliable wastewater treatment. As the SJRA Woodlands Division prepares to commemorate its 50th anniversary in 2025, it’s evident that the commitment of its employees has been instrumental in its success.

These devoted individuals aren’t confined to the plant; they actively engage with the community at various Woodlands events, sharing insights into the Division’s contributions to making the Woodlands a great place to “Live, Work, Play, and Pray”. Moreover, the SJRA Woodlands Division team extends its outreach efforts by offering tours and educational opportunities to schools, civic groups, and other organizations. Those interested in participating in these enriching experiences can find more information and submit tour requests through the SJRA website at Tour Request – San Jacinto River Authority (

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