In March, SJRA’s Board of Directors approved refunds for the wholesale water customers in SJRA’s Groundwater Reduction Plan (GRP). The plan, proposed by SJRA General Manager Aubrey Spear, PE, includes refunding $12 million to wholesale water customers that are participants in the GRP.

Where did the additional funds come from?

Additional funds became available after two non-paying GRP participants paid money that was owed to SJRA along with an unanticipated increase in revenue to the GRP due to recent droughts in the area.

What will the additional funds be used for?

Some of the additional funds will be refunded (credited) to all GRP participants as well as be used to pay down bonds secured in 2012 and 2013 to construct the surface water treatment plant at Lake Conroe and the related transmission lines and facilities necessary to supply some GRP participants with surface water.  Paying down the debt will benefit the GRP participants financially because it will reduce the rates that they pay.

How is the refund calculated?

The credit to GRP participants is calculated based on their prorated share of water used during the 2022-2023 drought period.

Who will benefit from these refunds and rate reductions?

All 80 GRP participants under contract with the SJRA will benefit.  The SJRA’s GRP participants are area retail water providers including cities, municipal utility districts, and independently owned utilities.  SJRA does not set the retail rates charged to individual retail customers. That is the responsibility of the retail water provider or municipality. For more information on household bills, individuals are urged to contact their retail provider.

Who approved the rebate and debt reduction?

The 80 customers are represented by a GRP Review Committee that meets monthly to review GRP activities and make policy recommendations regarding the GRP. The GRP Review Committee voted in favor of the refund and bond debt reduction on Monday and the SJRA Board of Directors approved the resolution at their March 28 meeting.

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