Working in the water business often feels like a roller coaster ride between too much and too little. May has been one of those months of “too much,” although after the drought years our area has suffered through, I’m not complaining. The purpose of this article is to share with readers a few facts and figures about our recent rainfall events. The data below is compiled from a number of published sources, including SJRA’s own weather gauges and our good friend and talented meteorologist with the Harris County Flood Control District, Jeffery Lindner.

May was an extraordinarily wet month across our region. Rainfall for the first half of the month at various gauges has ranged from 90 percent to nearly 600 percent of normal. The following list shows the rainfall total for May 1 through May 16 at each location (along with the amount above normal for that location):

  • BUSH IAH: 3.16 inches (+.52 inches)
  • College Station: 4.48 (+2.29)
  • Hobby: 5.98 (+3.71)
  • Conroe: 7.43 (+4.93)
  • Sugar Land: 5.33 (+2.86)
  • Corpus Christi: 8.12 (+6.62)
  • Victoria: 3.60 (+.60)
  • Austin: 4.96 (+3.59)

The rainfall totals for our area since January 1 show that we have been running slightly above normal through April 30, and then well above normal for May. In fact, this spring is the first time since 2012 in which our rainfall for the first four months of the year has been above average. The list below shows how much rainfall totals have varied from average at each of the following locations:

  • Huntsville: +13.88 inches
  • League City: +13.31
  • Hobby: +10.46
  • Angleton: +10.39
  • College Station: +8.36
  • Conroe: +4.11
  • Tomball: +4.77
  • Sugar Land: +8.71
  • BUSH IAH: +3.61
  • Corpus Christi: +15.42
  • Victoria:+9.64

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