Lewis Creek Reservoir Update May 21, 2015

Entergy Texas, Inc., recently issued a news release regarding some repairs they are making to the back slope of the dam surrounding their Lewis Creek Reservoir.  Even though Lewis Creek Reservoir is located upstream of Lake Conroe, there is no concern whatsoever related to the operations or integrity of the Lake Conroe dam as a result of these events.  The total volume of Lewis Creek Reservoir is only 17,000 acre-feet.  Even if the entire volume were to be released into Lake Conroe, it would only result in about an 8 or 9 inch rise in lake level.  Of course, this is a highly unlikely scenario.  We are coordinating closely with Entergy personnel regarding their day-to-day operations, and Montgomery County officials are coordinating with Entergy regarding any residents along Lewis Creek that might be affected.

Entergy News Release CL 052115