Lake Conroe holds 140 billion gallons of water.

We take care of every single one.

Lake Conroe holds 140 billion gallons of water.

We take care of every single one.

Conservation pool level is 201 ft. msl – Lake Level provided by USGS 08067600

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Water for future generations

The people of SJRA are responsible for managing water resources for you today and for the generations that are coming tomorrow. That means making tough decisions that may not show results for decades. We work hard to do the right thing for the future.


Managing critical infrastructure

Dams and pipelines are critical to life and the economy in our area. That’s why the people of SJRA are on duty 24/7/365. And when inclement weather strikes, our people never stop working for you.


Treating and managing water is a big job

The people of SJRA treat and manage water for an enormous area that affects thousands of people. They work hard through wet winters and dry summers to make sure our area’s water needs are met.

SJRA Highlands Division

Highlands Division

The oldest division of SJRA dating back to 1937, the Highlands Division provides water to industrial clients through a 27-mile system of canals. This division delivers more water each day than all the other SJRA divisions combined.

Lake Conroe Division

The people of this division take great care of beautiful Lake Conroe, maintaining water quality, wildlife management, boating safety, invasive species management and more. But their primary job is to operate and maintain the Lake Conroe Dam and Spillway in order to preserve the essential water resources that the Division’s municipal and industrial customers depend upon.

SJRA Highlands Division
SJRA Highlands Divisio

Woodlands Division

This division provides The Woodlands with wholesale water supply as well as wastewater treatment. Working for 11 Municipal Utility Districts, this division sets the standard for operating excellences.

GRP Division

The Groundwater Reduction Plan (GRP) Division is critical in helping us achieve our goals of providing water today and 50 years from today. The people of GRP work to protect our future water supply by balancing the use of groundwater and surface water sources.

SJRA Highlands Division
SJRA Highlands Division

Flood Management Division

The goals of this division focus on short- and long-term regional flood management strategies. Mother Nature is tough to tame, but this division, works hand-in-hand with local, state and federal entities, to keep us all safe.

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