Severe Weather Event Update – October 16, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Storm Event:  Briefing Regarding Lake Conroe Operations
Audio Taken From the September 28, 2017 Board Meeting
Hurricane Harvey Rainfall Event Presentation 09-28-2017

SAWRA Interim Hearing – Hurricane Harvey Storm Event: Briefing Regarding Lake Conroe Operations 10-16-2017

Responses to Statements by Kingwood Officials                                                                                             Hurricane Harvey Peak Inflows 09-27-2017
Frequently Asked Questions Related to Harvey and the Lake Conroe Dam                                                          Watersheds of the San Jacinto Basin

September 8, 2017 Press Release-SJRA Responds to Lawsuit
September 5, 2017 Press Release-Lake Conroe to Open for Limited Boat Traffic; Extreme Caution Urged
August 31, 2017 Press Release-Lake Conroe and Lake Conroe Park to Remain Closed through Labor Day Weekend
August 29, 2017 Press Release-Lake Conroe Lake Level and Releases Declining
August 28, 2017 Press Release-Update on Lake Conroe Levels and Releases
August 28, 2017 Press Release-New Record Release and Water Level for Lake Conroe
August 27, 2017 Press Release-New Record Release Rate for Lake Conroe Dam
August 27, 2017 Press Release-Lake Conroe Temporarily Closed Due to High Levels, Submerged Objects, and Floating Debris
August 27, 2017 Press Release-Lake Conroe Exceeds Full Level; SJRA Beginning Controlled Releases
August 24, 2017 Press Release-SJRA Making Preparations for Heavy Rainfall at Lake Conroe

SJRA Contrail Web – To access real time rainfall, lake, and river data on our Current Lake & River Conditions page, click here.  Browse the different Sites for data from different gauges, or browse the Home page for rainfall and reservoir maps.

River Forecast Center – If you are looking for information regarding when various rivers and streams in the area will crest and begin to recede, visit the National Weather Service’s River Forecast Center website.

Rainfall Event Presentation – Powerpoint presentation showing data from last year’s two major rainfall events.
2017 TCEQ Pre-Release from Reservoir Letter

Note:  SJRA has a flowage easement that allows raising the lake up to six feet over normal pool level during extreme storm events.  Normal pool level is 201’ MSL.  This flowage easement creates an operational range within which reservoir operators can manage a wide range of storm events.

GRP Declaratory Judgment Action

Click the links below for information regarding the SJRA’s recent declaratory judgment action seeking to enforce its GRP contracts.

Press Release Regarding Declaratory Judgment Action
SJRA Petition for Expedited Declaratory Judgment
SJRA Petition for Expedited Declaratory Judgment – with exhibits
Notice of Proceedings and Order

*To review all documents related to SJRA’s petition under Ch. 1205, Texas Gov’t Code, click the following link: “SJRA 1205 Petition Documents.”

Click the link below for the “Yes, Montgomery County Has a Groundwater Problem” article.
Yes, Montgomery County Has a Groundwater Problem

Click the link below for the “Citizens Deserve Accurate Information about Water Issues” article.
Citizens Deserve Accurate Information about Water Issues

One of ten major river authorities in Texas, our mission is to develop, conserve, and protect the water resources of the San Jacinto River watershed.

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