GRP Office

Located at the Lake Conroe Dam, the Groundwater Reduction Plan Division is responsible for implementing a countywide program that meets the requirements of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District to substantially reduce future groundwater usage from the Gulf Coast Aquifer by ensuring a reliable, long-term diversified portfolio of alternative water supply sources for all of Montgomery County. The GRP Division utilizes a number of alternative water strategies, including conservation, reuse of treated wastewater effluent, groundwater from all Gulf Coast Aquifers including the Catahoula Aquifer (and possibly other remote groundwater sources), and surface water from Lake Conroe (and possibly other surface water sources).  Phase 1 of the GRP strategy included the design, construction, operation, maintenance, and administration of a water treatment plant and transmission lines that treat surface water from Lake Conroe to meet or exceed drinking water standards, and then deliver it to cities and utilities within Montgomery County in the most cost-effective manner.

Am I Receiving Treated Surface Water?