The South Canal Improvements Program Phase 2 consists of the replacement of two SJRA siphons, levee improvements, and an all-weather access road on the Highlands Reservoir Dam embankment. Siphon 25 and Siphon 26 are located at the intersection of the SJRA South Canal and E. Wallisville Rd. and N. Battlebell Rd. respectively. These siphon structures were constructed in the 1940s when the Highlands Canal System was developed, and unlike other structures in the system, no improvements have been made to them. Due to their age, capacity limitations, lack of redundancy, and structural condition, these siphons need to be replaced in order to ensure the continued delivery of raw water to SJRA’s downstream customers. The all-weather access road on the Highlands Reservoir Dam will provide SJRA staff with more convenient access to dam infrastructure during wet weather.

During this project, there will be multiple full road closures at the intersection of SJRA’s South Canal and E. Wallisville Rd. and N. Battlebell Rd. Residents in the area should be on the lookout for electronic messaging signs put in place before road closures and check out SJRA’s website for more information regarding detours. Additionally, due to construction on the Highlands Reservoir Dam, the Highlands Reservoir will be temporarily closed to the public during the installation of the all-weather access road.

Project Information

Contractor: R&T Ellis Excavating, Inc.

South Canal Improvements

Status & Schedule

Contractor Notice to Proceed: March 2022

Anticipated Project Completion: October 2023

Highlands Reservoir:  The Highlands Reservoir is temporarily closed to the public.

Temporary SINGLE LANE Road Closure on N. Battlebell Rd. and Siphon 26 will begin the week of August 14th and last for a few days.  N. Battlebell Rd. will NOT be shut down completely.  The crew will shut down one lane at a time.

No interruption in service to SJRA customers during either phase is anticipated.

Dates are subject to change.

South Canal Improvements_Project Sign_Reservoir Temporarily Closed