Siphons 16, 17, and 18 are located in east Harris County near the intersection of Highway 90 and FM 2100 in Crosby, Texas. These siphons are a part of SJRA’s Main Canal         which is maintained and operated by SJRA’s Highlands Division and are critical infrastructure for delivering raw water to SJRA customers. These three locations have structural and erosion issues that need to be repaired to allow Division staff to safely operate and maintain the canal structures. This project will include the repair of the erosion damage at each Siphon location, canal levee regrading and reinforcing the structures to increase the remaining life of Siphon 16, 17 and 18.

Siphons 16-18

Project Information

Contract Award Date: January 2024

Contractor: Lecon, Inc.

Siphons 16 – 18 Map

Status & Schedule

Contractor Notice to Proceed: February 2024

Anticipated Project Completion: August 2024

Dates are subject to change.