The purpose of this project is to perform a regional sedimentation study of the Upper San Jacinto River Basin (Lake Houston watershed). Sedimentation in the Upper San Jacinto River Basin has been well documented, and is known to impact floodway conveyance capacity.  In order to identify and create a plan for implementing potential sedimentation solutions, this study will develop “sediment budgets” by evaluating the input, output, and storage of sediment for the entire basin, as well as for sub-watersheds within the basin.  Specific tasks anticipated to be included in the scope of work for the project include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  1. Upper San Jacinto River Basin watershed characterization
  2. Inventory of available existing data
  3. Annual sediment output determination
  4. Annual sediment storage determination
  5. Sediment transport modeling
  6. Individual sediment source or storage locations determination
  7. Individual site investigations
  8. Key stakeholder and permitting agency coordination
  9. Development of conceptual solutions and overall implementation strategy
  10. Development of Upper San Jacinto River Basin sediment management plan

Study Information


Abridged Application
Sedimentation Study Project Benefit Area Map


Contractor Notice to Proceed: January 2019
Anticipated Project Completion: September 2019

Dates are subject to change.