This project includes installation of three new stream gages in San Jacinto County at locations identified by the county based on previous flood events. These proposed gages will provide early warning notification to residents, businesses, property owners, etc. downstream of the gage locations, as well as county emergency personnel and responders, thus protecting life and allowing protection of property which can be moved to a safe location with adequate warning. SJRA will perform project management and equipment installation efforts in-house, with some external supplementary/support efforts as needed. After their installation, SJRA will make the data collected by the gages available for public viewing on its Contrail website. Grant funds will cover the majority of capital expenses related to the project, with actual funding requirements from SJRA estimated to be very minor. San Jacinto County has agreed to fund the costs of future operation and maintenance of the gages and associated equipment, including the cost of labor to be provided by SJRA.


Grant Information


Draft Report
FIF Abridged Application
FIF Final Application
FEWS for San Jacinto County Project Benefit Area Map
Letter Report to Texas Water Development Board 031822


Contractor Notice to Proceed: Spring 2022
Completion Deadline: June 2023

Dates are subject to change.