Happy 2023 from SJRA! The employees of SJRA worked around-the-clock in 2022 to help serve the community with essential water services.  They improved fish habitat in Lake Conroe, quickly addressed line repairs, provided water during Houston’s boil water advisory, participated in community outreach, construction projects, boat safety education, weather awareness alerts, and much more! Many things made 2022 a great year for SJRA. We are beyond grateful to serve Montgomery County and look forward to doing the same in 2023!

Plant Nursery

SJRA’s Lake Conroe Division working on the native plant nursery to grow plants that are later transplanted into Lake Conroe to help the ecosystem of the lake.

MoCo Stock the Sleigh

SJRA collected donations for Montgomery County Food Bank’s Stock the Sleigh annual holiday food drive.

MoCo Constable and Brady's Staff

SJRA toured Representative Kevin Brady’s staff and introduced them to Montgomery County Constable Precinct 1.

Water to CoH

SJRA provided potable water during the City of Houston’s boil water advisory.

Watermark Award

SJRA Communications won a Watermark Award and an Honorable Mention at Texas Water 2022.

Woodys FOG and Flush SM Campaign

SJRA partnered with Woodlands Water Agency to remind people about the dangers of fats, oils, and grease clogging the pipes during the holiday season.

MoCo Constable Lake Safety Video

SJRA worked with Montgomery County Constable Precinct 1 Marine Division to create a video regarding safety on Lake Conroe.

HD South Canal Project

SJRA’s Highlands Division made major improvements to a siphon that will help improve operations and maintenance in the South Canal.

GRP Tour

SJRA’s Utility Enterprise was active in the community by giving tours to school groups, foreign delegations, MUD Directors, and more. The UE also engaged in community events throughout The Woodlands.

Featured in Dock Line Magazine.