In January, SJRA kicked off their annual Christmas tree drive on social media. Local residents dropped off their real Christmas trees at a designated location on site so that SJRA’s Lake Conroe Division could recycle the trees as fish habitat in reservoir. SJRA and Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) work together on Lake Conroe to create artificial fish habitats to help keep the ecosystem of the lake thriving. One way to do this is by using real Christmas trees. According to TPWD, the habitat allows small spaces for smaller types of fish to go into the brush and then the larger types of fish can hunt the smaller ones. SJRA attaches the trees to cement blocks, then ties a bundle of several trees to the block, and sinks the trees in the lake. This method allows the trees to “float” on the bottom and survive approximately 1-2 years.

After the success of the 2021 Christmas tree drive and the positive feedback received on social media, SJRA and TPWD decided to make this an annual event which will allow there to be several artificial habitats established in Lake Conroe over the years. Please refer to the map below to see the GPS coordinates of the 2022 fish habitat in Lake Conroe.


SJRA is so grateful for everyone in the community who contributed to Lake Conroe by helping create fish habitat. Stay tuned for this year’s Christmas tree drive and how you can help keep the Lake Conroe ecosystem thriving!

Featured in Dock Line Magazine.