Restoring native plant habitats to Lake Conroe

The San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) has recently partnered with Seven Coves Bass Club, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and Lewisville Aquatic Ecosystem Research Facility (LAERF) in an attempt to restore native plant habitats to Lake Conroe. Seven Coves Bass Club constructed the aquatic plant culture boxes at the Lake Conroe Dam based on specifications and propagules provide by LAERF. The cultures include floating leaf, emergent, and submersed species of aquatic plants. The goal of this eco-friendly project is to provide a sustainable nursery for use in Lake Conroe.

In the video, Lynde Dodd, a research scientist with LAERF, explains the importance of installing native plants in Lake Conroe.  Dodd states, “The plants will provide a habitat that helps to reduce erosion problems that occur with the absence of vegetation.”  The native plants also “provide a nitch that otherwise might be open for plants such as hydrilla, which is an invasive plant that we don’t want in Lake Conroe.”  In addition, the vegetation creates a nursery habitat or a haven for small fish to hide away from larger predators.

“Veg out” with us for a couple of minutes as Dodd walks us through the nursery and explains the importance of each aquatic plant.