Water Supply

SJRA maintains the highest standards when treating the water supply that serves The Woodlands community, and this is reflected in the Superior ratings for each Woodlands MUD.

Where Does Our Water Come From?

The Woodlands Division provides water through groundwater wells designed to produce water from the Evangeline and Jasper aquifers. Some of these wells have been producing water since 1973 and have drill depths as low as 1,700 feet below ground level.

SJRA – Woodlands water system is comprised of:

  • Maximum groundwater pumpage capacity: 70 MGD
  • 6 Elevated Storage Tanks (ESTs/ETs): Total 5 million gallons capacity
  • 8 Ground Storage Tanks (GSTs): Total 15 million gallons capacity
  • 5 Groundwater Plants
  • 38 Active Water Wells
  • 119 miles of water distribution lines (12” and larger diameter) belong to SJRA
  • 641 miles of water distribution lines (under 12” diameter) belong to WJPA (Excluding MUD 386)

The Woodlands Pumping Trend

SJRA – Woodlands Division works with the following agencies to provide water to The Woodlands area:

The Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (LSGCD) helps Montgomery County meet its most critical water challenge – finding the water to support growth without continuing to “deficit-pump” the Gulf Coast Aquifer.

The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency (WJPA) is the central management agency for the eleven Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs). The services they provide are water distribution, wastewater collection, storm drainage and tax collection services.

San Jacinto River Authority

The Groundwater Reduction Plan Division is responsible for implementing a county-wide program that will meet the requirements of the LSGCD to substantially reduce future groundwater usage from the Gulf Coast Aquifer.

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SJRA receives no money from the state, nor does it collect any type of taxes. Income is primarily derived from the sale and distribution of water and treatment of wastewater. This revenue covers the cost of operation and maintenance as well as outstanding debt. Revenue bonds are sold to finance projects.

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