Flood Management

Located at the Lake Conroe Dam, the Flood Management Division’s primary functions include: developing short-term and long-term regional flood management strategies within the Authority’s portion of the San Jacinto River Basin;  building partnerships with federal, state, and local government entities; identifying funding sources and opportunities; and coordinating, collaborating, and potentially partnering with other flood management entities throughout the entire San Jacinto River basin.  The Flood Management Division oversees the partnership and implementation of planned and funded projects, including the transfer of operations and maintenance of completed projects to partnering entities.

Information Regarding Seasonal Lake Lowering

02-26-20 SJRA Board of Directors Recommends Renewing Flood Mitigation Strategy Press Release
February 2020 Board Presentation
January 2020 Board Presentation
11-21-19 Seasonal Lake Lowering Press Release
FAQs regarding SJRA/COH Temporary Flood Mitigation Strategy
FNI Lake Conroe Dam Gate Operations Modification Analysis – 04-10-2018
FNI Supply Analysis Memo – 04-09-2018
SJRA’s Reply to HNRC – Chairman Lyle Larson – 04-16-2018

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