Replacement of existing sludge processing facility.

  • Name of Project and community:  WWTP No. 1 Solids Processing and Sludge Dewatering Improvements, San Jacinto River Authority
  • Name of CWSRF administering agency:  Texas Water Development Board
  • Funded in whole or in part by CWSRF:  Partially funded by CWSRF
  • Brief description of project:  The Project consists of improvements to WWTP No. 1 solids processing and sludge dewatering facilities.  Specifically, the Project includes, but is not limited to, the following:  (i) the demolition of Aerated Sludge Holding Tanks 1 and 2, existing BFP Feed Pump Station and the existing Dewatering Building, and (ii) the construction of a new Dewatering Building, BFP feed pump station, BFP washwater pump station and miscellaneous yard piping, pumping, grading and paving, SCADA and electrical improvements associated with the new Dewatering Building.
Map_WWTF 1 Sludge Dewatering Processing Improvements

Project Information


Design Consultant: CDM-Smith

Contractor: Industrial TX

PDF Map: Wastewater Treatment Facility No. 1 Solids Processing Facility

Status & Schedule

Project Start: September 2018

Project Completion: Winter 2019

Village: Grogan’s Mill


Dates are subject to change.