The project is based upon the identified need to install a temporary canal bypass system across FM 2100 to accommodate the upcoming widening of FM 2100 by Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). The work will consist of installation of a new 60-inch diameter siphon pipe, sliplining of an existing 60-inch diameter siphon pipe, and canal regrading. Two of the existing siphon pipes will be abandoned in-place. This temporary bypass system is anticipated to be in-place 2-3 years until TxDOT installs new dual 8’x4’ box culverts at SJRA’s canal crossing.

Map_Siphon 7

Project Information

Contract Award Date: February 2019

Contractor: Boyer, Inc.

Siphon 7

Status & Schedule

Contractor Notice to Proceed: March 2019

Anticipated Project Completion: November 2019

Dates are subject to change.