Siphon 29 is located at the intersection of SJRA Highlands Division’s South Canal and Ellis School Road in Baytown, TX. The South Canal is part of the Highlands Division’s raw water supply system that provides water to critical industries, municipalities, and irrigation customers in eastern Harris County. Siphon 29 was originally constructed in the early 1940s and was rehabilitated in the 1980s. Improvements to Siphon 29 are required due to the infrastructure’s age and structural integrity. The existing structure at Siphon 29 has been identified as in a state of disrepair and is classified by the SJRA as a high risk for negatively impacting the canal system’s ability to reliably convey flows to downstream customers.  Siphon improvements will ensure reliable conveyance and adequate hydraulic capacity in the South Canal to meet contracted and potential future raw water demands of SJRA’s South Canal customers.  The existing siphon structure shall be replaced with new dual 72-inch diameter siphon pipes crossing under Ellis School Road, concrete intake and discharge structures, and other related appurtenances.

Project Information

Contract Award Date: August 2020

Contractor: Lecon, Inc.


Status & Schedule

Contractor Notice to Proceed: September 2020

Anticipated Project Completion: May 2021

Dates are subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

The basic definition of a siphon is a tube which can be used to move water from one point to another. Our Highlands Division has a number of siphons along the canal system, which allow water to flow underneath the roadway.