GRP Billing

GRP Participants should submit reporting of monthly pumpage data using the GRP Division’s Online Reporting System (ORS).

ORS Instructional Document

GRP Budget Presentations

Fiscal Year 2020 Budget
Fiscal Year 2019 Budget
Fiscal Year 2018 Budget

GRP Contract

GRP Contract

GRP Production Schedule

2020 Production Schedule
2019 Production Schedule
2018 Production Schedule

Joint GRP Permit

Memo Regarding 2020 Groundwater Permits
Approved 2019 Joint GRP Permit Renewal
Approved 2018 Joint GRP Permit Renewal

GRP Rate Order

Notice of Rate Order Amendments – 2020
Rate Order (GRP Participants) 06-27-2019
Notice of Amended Rate Order 2019
Notice of Rate Order Amendments – 2019

GRP Review Committee

GRP Review Committee Members

GRP Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan

Notice of Drought Contingency Plan 2019 Demand Values
SJRA Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plans
Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan Instructional Document

GRP Participant Info Sheets

Second Quarter Info Sheet 2020
First Quarter Info Sheet 2020

Other Documents

Informational Note to Participants about GMA 14 Joint Planning Committee on February 24 and LSGCD Board Meeting on March 10
Subsidence Phase 1 Summary Presented to LSGCD 03-10-2020
Letter to LSGCD GM Regarding February 24th GMA 14 Meeting
Joint Planning Concepts + LSGCD Modeling Summary
SJRA Joint GRP Groundwater Report (2016-2018)
2019 GRP Rate Study
Groundwater Management Update Budgeting During Uncertainty
Meter Calibration Instructional Document
Notice to Participants Regarding Filing of Petition

GRP’s Mailing Address

P.O. Box 329
Conroe, Texas  77305