SJRA’s vision is to provide reliable, cost-efficient, and sustainable water resource management that supports economic and industrial growth in the region and earns the trust and confidence of SJRA’s customers.


SJRA’s mission is to:

  • plan for and develop adequate and reliable long-term water supplies
  • treat and distribute safe drinking water
  • provide regional wastewater treatment services
  • deliver raw water for municipal, industrial, and agricultural use
  • monitor and protect source water quality
  • ensure safe, dependable reservoir operations
  • educate the public about water conservation and water resources


SJRA believes in the following principles as the foundation for performing its mission and pursuing its vision:

  • focus on our customers and stakeholders
  • treat each customer, employee, and vendor with dignity and respect
  • value each employee, their work, and their commitment
  • be truthful, trustworthy, and transparent
  • be knowledgeable and diligent in the performance of our duties
  • use financial resources efficiently and responsibly
  • be accountable for our performance
  • continuously improve our performance
  • ensure that our systems and strategies remain viable for future generations
  • be prepared for and respond effectively in emergencies
  • support responsible water resource development
  • support water conservation and environmental stewardship