Gravity Main Rehabilitation-Segments 35, 50, and 50A


Specific gravity sewer lines have been identified for rehabilitation to avoid collection system failure, sewage overflows, and permit violations.  The following lines are planned for rehabilitation:  The northern portion of Segment 35 (3,198 linear feet of 18-inch gravity sewer) in Grogan’s Point, Segment 50 (752 linear feet of 36-inch gravity sewer)  along Leeward Cove Drive west of Lake Woodlands, and Segment 50 (530 linear feet of 24-inch gravity sewer) underneath Lake Woodlands.


Design Consultant: RPS
Contractor: IPR
PDF Map: Gravity Main

Status & Schedule

Project Start: September 2018
Project Completion: Spring 2019
Village: Grogan’s Mill and Panther Creek

Dates are subject to change.