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  1. A site evaluation must be performed to determine the type of septic system needed. A Registered Sanitarian or a Professional Engineer can perform these tests. If the type of soil is determined to be unsuitable for a standard or conventional system with a drainfield, an alternate system must be utilized.
  2. A Registered Sanitarian or a Professional Engineer must design all Septic Systems.
  3. When an Aerobic system with spray irrigation is used, the following must be presented to the San Jacinto River Authority before a permit can be issed:
  • Professional Design
  • Site Evaluation (Soil Analysis)
  • Two Year Maintenance Agreement (Must be signed by both the Installer and the homeowner)
  • Receipt of an Affidavit to the public filed at the county clerks office.
  • Completed San Jacinto River Authority OSSF Application (application Must be a person please do not apply as a business)

Please fill out the application as described below: (application can be found by visiting the documents page)

  1. Fill in the name, date, mailing address (where you receive mail), city, state, zip, home phone and work phone
  2. Fill in the Lot Block Section of where the facility is located. Indicate whether this is an addition to your current facility. Fill in the lot address (Where the facility is located).
  3. Fill in the size of the lot in acres (example: 1 Acre; 2 acres) Indicate the square feet (example: 1 acre is 43,560 sq. ft.) Indicate the size of the living area and the number of bedrooms

Please sign the application and return to the San Jacinto River Authority.

  • Names if Registered Sanitarian, Professional Engineers and Installers are available in the San Jacinto River Authority office.
  • The San Jacinto River Authority will inspect your septic system after completion.

NOTE: OSSF Permitting Process may take up to 30 days to approve 




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Postal address - P.O. Box 329 - Conroe, Texas 77305

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Divisions Lake Conroe GRP Woodlands Highlands General & Administrative / Home