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Property owners adjacent to Lake Conroe occasionally desire to dredge the area around their existing boat slip or an area that would improve their boat slip’s access to the main body of the lake.  In order to dredge on Lake Conroe, the property owner or contractor must contact SJRA with the appropriate documents to obtain approval before the dredging begins.  This process is designed to make sure that all contractors are licensed while operating on Lake Conroe, but also to make SJRA aware of any construction on the reservoir and to help ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal rules and regulations for activity on the lake.


Step 1: Contractor or property owner to submit the following items to Lake Conroe Division:

  1. Completed application for dredging.
  2. A map of the area proposed to be dredged (identifying the dredged location(s), including the longitude and latitude).
  3. Estimated total volume of material to be removed and target depth proposed for dredge location.

Step 2: Lake Conroe Division staff will review the application for dredging.  The contractor must be licensed to do work on the reservoir and compliant with all SJRA rules and regulations.  The general rules for dredging are as follows:

  1. SJRA will generally allow dredging within the reservoir for valid purposes and within reasonable limits.
  2. All dredged material must be removed from the reservoir.  It cannot be stored on the lake bottom.  It must be placed in a storage container or on approved adjacent property.
  3. All dredging operations must be compliant with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers rules and regulations for dredging and obtain any necessary permits from the appropriate regulatory agencies.

Step 3: If there are no issues discovered during review and all the necessary documentation is received, SJRA staff will issue an approval to the contractor or entity responsible for the dredging operation.  The contractor must display the permit at all times during construction.  All construction is subject to inspection during and after completion.

For a printable version of the How Do I Permit My Dredging Project instructions above, click here.

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