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Property owners adjacent to Lake Conroe occasionally desire to repair or install bulkheads along the shoreline.  In order to prevent or minimize encroachment into the public reservoir or onto public land, the property owner must submit appropriate documents and obtain a construction permit from SJRA before construction is initiated.  SJRA’s approval does not constitute approval of the architectural or engineering design of a bulkhead or any other facility, and SJRA, by issuance of a permit, assumes no liability or responsibility for the architectural or engineering design or for any defect of the facilities.


Step 1: Property owner submits the following items to Lake Conroe Division:

  1. Completed application for bulkhead construction.
  2. Existing property survey drawing (preferably including a metes and bounds description of the property) by a Registered Professional Land Surveyor.  The location of the proposed structure should be marked on the survey.  If any part of the proposed bulkhead will be located in an area that is subject to a perpetual or special easement, property owner must provide a copy of the easement.
  3. Construction plans for the proposed bulkhead (including proposed construction materials and placement of bulkhead relevant to property lines).
  4. Approval from the Subdivision or Homeowners Association (if applicable).

Step 2: Lake Conroe Division staff review for compliance with rules related to bulkhead construction and placement:

  1. SJRA’s general policy is that there be no taking of public property or reduction of reservoir volume via the placement of a bulkhead.
  2. Repairs to existing bulkheads will generally be approved provided that the repaired bulkhead remains in the same location as the existing bulkhead.
  3. Proposals for new bulkhead construction or bulkhead repair projects that are proposed to be placed outside the existing bulkhead location will be reviewed on an individual basis to ensure minimal encroachment into the reservoir or onto public land.
  4. If a new bulkhead or a repaired bulkhead that is placed outside of the existing bulkhead is proposed to be located on public land owned by SJRA, the property owner must either enter into SJRA’s standard Encroachment Agreement (to be filed with the County Deed records) or purchase the property by following the process for a sliver sale (see separate procedure for Surplus Property Sales).
  5. If the proposed construction of a new or repaired bulkhead would result in any additional encroachment into the reservoir, whether located on public or private property, the construction plans must include compensating excavated volume adequate to prevent any loss of water storage capacity in the lake.
  6. All bulkhead construction must be in compliance with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permits for fill within waters of the U.S. and any additional necessary permits from the County and/or City of jurisdiction, as appropriate.

Step 3: When compliant with SJRA rules and the submittals and procedures described above, SJRA will issue a permit for construction to the property owner within 30 days of such determination. If any issues are identified that require resolution before approval, SJRA will promptly advise the property owner.

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For a printable version of the How Do I Permit My Bulkhead Construction instructions above, click here.

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