License My Lawn Irrigation System

The State of Texas requires anyone that diverts water from a state reservoir to enter into a contract or obtain a permit for those diversions and requires reservoir managers, such as SJRA, to identify those users and account for the diversions. For residential users, SJRA has established a Landscape Irrigation License that allows lakefront property owners to use water from Lake Conroe for the sole purpose of landscape irrigation. The license includes a reasonable fee to cover a portion of the cost of operation and maintenance of this water supply source. SJRA is obligated to
require this license of all residential irrigation users and has the ability to bring enforcement against those who do not obtain the appropriate license.

If you have an irrigation system that is capable of pumping water from the lake, you must complete and return the water diversion form.

If you wish to avoid the requirement of obtaining an irrigation license, you must permanently disconnect your irrigation system from the lake, including removal of the intake or suction line. If your plans change at any time in the future and you wish to once again irrigate using lake water, you may request a license and then re-activate your system. A license must be obtained before making your system operational.


Please submit the following documents to the SJRA permitting office prior to making your system operational.

Applicant must complete the water Diversion form as thoroughly as possible (Water Diversion Application must be filled out as an individual)

Upon receipt, SJRA will issue an agreement to the homeowner for lawn irrigation water use. Please sign and return the original agreement to SJRA with the prescribed fee. Upon receipt, the agreement will be executed by management and the original contract will be returned to the applicant.

* This agreement is annual and the homeowner is required to sign and pay the fee on a yearly basis

For a printable version of the How Do I License My Lawn Irrigation System Instructions above, click here.

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