License My On Site Septic Facility

Pursuant to Section VITI, Letter A of the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) Rules and Regulations:

Sanitation conditions and facilities on the reservoir and on lands owned or controlled by the Authority shall be maintained in compliance with standards set by applicable laws, rules, regulations, and orders of Federal, State, and local governmental agencies.


  1. A site evaluation must be performed to determine the type of septic system needed. A Registered Sanitarian or a Professional Engineer can perform these tests. If the type of soil is determined to be unsuitable for a standard or conventional system with a drain field, an alternate system must be utilized.
  2. A Registered Sanitarian or a Professional Engineer must design all Septic Systems.
  3. When an aerobic system with spray irrigation is used, the following must be presented to SJRA before a permit can be issued:
    • Professional Design
    • Site Evaluation (Soil Analysis)
    • Two Year Maintenance Agreement (MUST be signed by both the installer and the homeowner)
    • Receipt of an affidavit to the public filed at the county clerk’s office
    • Completed SJRA’s OSSF Application (New OSSF Construction Application or Modified OSSF Construction Application MUST be filled out as an individual – please do not apply as a business)

Please fill out the application as described below:

  1. Fill in the name, date, mailing address (where you receive mail), city, state, zip, home phone, and work phone
  2. Fill in the Lot – Block – Section of where the facility is located. Indicate whether this is an addition to your current facility. Fill in the lot address (where the facility is located).
  3. Fill in the size of the lot in acres (example: 1 acre; 2 ½ acres). Indicate the square feet (example: 1 acre is 43,560 square feet). Indicate the size of the living area and the number of bedrooms.

Please sign the application and return to SJRA

  1. Names of Registered Sanitarian, Professional Engineers, and Installers are available in SJRA’s office.
  2. SJRA will inspect your septic system after completion.

NOTE: OSSF Permitting Process may take up to 30 days to approve

For a printable version of the How Do I License My On Site Septic Facility instructions above, click here.


On-Site Sewage Facility (OSSF) Inspection and Maintenance Requirements

All OSSF permits issued must comply with SJRA’s approved Order Adopting Rules for OSSFs within 2,075 feet of Lake Conroe. Below is an excerpt from the Order:

Effective June 1, 2016, the inspection and maintenance of all OSSFs identified as Aerobic Treatment Units must be performed by a maintenance provider, licensed by the TCEQ, under a written contract between the property owner served by the OSSF and such TCEQ-licensed maintenance provider, with one exception. If the OSSF serves a single family dwelling that is the primary residence of the property owner, the property owner may conduct the maintenance, provided.

  1. the property owner is a maintenance provider licensed by the TCEQ;
  2. the property owner holds a valid Class D or higher wastewater treatment license;
  3. the property owner has satisfactorily completed the OSSF – Aerobic/Surface Application System Operation and Maintenance Course entitled – General Guidance for Monitoring Aerobic Treatment Units, Disinfection Units, and Spray Fields in Texas (B-6235) offered by the Agrilife Extension, Texas A&M System; or
  4. the property owner has satisfactorily completed any other TCEQ-approved Aerobic system Maintenance Provider Course.

The property owner will need to complete a contract with the SJRA for homeowner maintenance. This contract can be obtained online at or in the Lake Conroe Division Office. SJRA will then provide the property owner with an inspection tag that is to be placed on the facility in an easily accessible location. At each inspection (once, every four months) the tag must be dated and initialed by the property owner. A detailed report (available at the above link) must also be submitted to SJRA within 14 days of each inspection.

Training can be obtained from many different sources. The following are examples of approved courses:

  1. Environmental Training Systems-Troubleshooting Aerobic Treatment Units Course
    • 8 hour course
  2. Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX)-Aerobic Surface Application System Operation and Maintenance Course
    • 8 hour course
  3. Texas On-Site Wastewater Association (TOWA)-Basic Maintenance Provider Course
    • 16 hour course (Must pass the exam)

For a pdf version of the OSSF Maintenance Provider List, click here.  This link includes a list of OSSF Maintenance Providers licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) who have indicated a willingness to provide service in Montgomery County.  This list may not be exhaustive, and SJRA does not endorse or recommend any particular service provider.

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