CWA South Canal Transfer Pump Station Rehabilitation


Project includes rehabilitation of the two (2) existing pumps, formed suction intake devices, recoating of pump equipment and appurtenances including lead testing, pump station intake steel plate curtain wall, personnel safety railing for stilling well area, regalvanizing of four (4) of six (6) existing fabricated steel intake screen panels, fabrication of two (2) new intake screen panels, clean and apply water repellent to electrical building exterior, removal of silt and debris from pump station forebay/pump sumps/discharge distribution chamber, and installation of pump station inlet floating baffle.   Bypass pumping will be required to maintain flow to SJRA’s South Canal during construction if the SCTPS has to be shut down, or if the only operating pump fails while the other is being rehabilitated.


Contract Award Date: May 2017
Contractor: C3 Constructors
PDF Map: CWA South Canal Transfer Pump Station Rehabilitation

Status & Schedule

Contractor Notice to Proceed: June 2017
Anticipated Project Completion: March 2018

Dates are subject to change.